Suddenly Family That is the real story behind the film

“Suddenly Family”: That is the real story behind the film

When films are based on real events, one often wonders how much the makers were concerned with the real story. Not so with “Suddenly Family” – because the comedy is based on the experience of the director himself!

Everything happens very quickly in “Suddenly Family”: One moment Ellie (Rose Byrne) is browsing the website of an adoption agency, the next she and husband Pete (Mark Wahlberg) are there with three children they hardly know – because the siblings Lizzy (Isabela Moner), Juan (Gustavo Quiroz) and Lita (Julianna Gamiz) are only available as a package.

Chaos is inevitable. Because how are you supposed to get along with three more or less complete strangers who have had no parents to look after them in their entire lives? Or even become a family straight away.

Director Sean Anders (“Daddy’s Home”) took on the challenge anyway – and quickly filmed his own experiences. The result: “Suddenly family”.

It started with a joke …

The filmmaker told Today in 2018 that he and his wife Beth have always wanted children, but for a long time they weren’t sure whether they could even provide a family the way they wanted. After Anders ’career as a director and writer with films like“ Hot Tub Time Machine ”and“ The Chaos Dad ”finally took off, children were the next logical step for the couple.

“I made this joke that made me feel like I was going to be one of those old fathers,” Anders said. Shortly thereafter, the idea of ​​the adaptation was born – because if they were to adopt a five-year-old child, for example, it would be kind of like they had started a few years ago. But as the film shows, it was a little more complicated in the end.

… and ended up with three children!

In the end, it was three siblings who turned the Anders couple into the Anders family in 2012. Especially at the beginning it was difficult for the Sean and Beth to build trust because it simply felt like they were just playing babysitters.

At the same time, Anders compares his relationship with his children with a classic love story that ultimately made him happier than he ever thought possible – and that is what makes his family so special for him: “We can look back and remember how it was was when we fell in love with our children. “

With the filming of his story, Anders wanted to draw attention to the fact that adoption can be scary, but is happy to endure it in the end 9Movies. You don’t have to go to an institution with the feeling that you are taking one of the children home with you – and instead just get to know the children with an open mind and without pressure. The rest would then come about by itself (or not).

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