Is Tenet as good as Inception

Is “Tenet” as good as “Inception”?

Can Christopher Nolan’s new film, which will open in German cinemas on August 26th after a few postponements, keep up with his best works such as “Inception” or “The Dark Knight”? Read it in our detailed review of “Tenet”:

After the decision to play “Mulan” directly on Disney, this is now the film that should save the cinema all by itself. Not an easy task. But Christopher Nolan didn’t make it easy for himself with his eleventh feature film anyway. The plot of “Tenet” is a multiple nested puzzle – and the basic premise that things can also move backwards through time through the so-called inversion leads to some of the most spectacular, but also most complex (action) choreographies that it can ever to marvel at on the big screen.

The plot of “Tenet” is a multi-layered puzzle

Now, not even as a critic, you should pretend that you have completely penetrated every aspect of the film after watching it for the first time. Especially in the bombastic finale, so many things happen forwards and backwards and yet at the same time that even the term mindfuck, with which Christopher Nolan’s films have been described again and again since “Memento”, would be an understatement. But since “Mad Max: Fury Road”, action scenes in the cinema haven’t blown away as much as they do with “Tenet” – and that’s why it’s anything but a burden to watch the film a second or third time.

since “Mad Max: Fury Road”, action scenes in the cinema haven’t blown away as much as they do with “Tenet”

After refusing to betray his CIA colleagues himself under torture, the protagonist (John David Washington) is entrusted with a new mission: to prevent World War III! However, he knows little more about it than the code word “Tenet” and what the scientist Barbara (Clémence Poésy) demonstrates to him at a shooting range: The secret services are increasingly coming across objects (such as pistol bullets) that have been inverted – that is, they come from the future and now move back in time cmovie.

We only published the review of “Tenet” in advance as news this time for technical reasons, but it can now be found in the usual place – that’s why the rest of the text is now here!

“Tenet” starts in German cinemas on August 26, 2020!