Amazon campaign ends today Lots of cult at a bargain price – from Indiana Jones to Twin Peaks

Amazon campaign ends today: Lots of cult at a bargain price – from “Indiana Jones” to “Twin Peaks”

Only today, August 16, 2020, you will get numerous cult highlights, some heavily discounted on Amazon – from cinema classics like “Indiana Jones”, “The Godfather” and “Werner” to legendary TV formats such as “Twin Peaks” and “Mr. Bean “.

For two weeks you now had the chance to get almost 700 films and series with cult factors (some more, some less) for little money on Amazon – but today is over. So if you still want to put one or the other must-have on your shelf at a bargain price, now would be a good time to close a gap or two and rummage through the range again:

Only today: cult films

Only today: cult films

Since this is not a multi-buy promotion, you do not have to buy a specific number of films or series to save. Simply put the already reduced DVDs and Blu-rays in the shopping cart, go to the checkout and place your order. That’s it!

Hundreds of films – individually or in a set

Film fans are treated to loads of classics here, which should not be missing in a conversation about the greatest cult hits in film history. Whether Steven Spielberg’s “Indiana Jones” saga, Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather” trilogy, “Back to the Future”, “The Naked Cannon” or “Beverly Hills Cop” to modern box office hits like “Resident Evil” – the Blu-ray sets are sometimes available for less than 10 euros.

Of course, not only entire series of films are part of the campaign, but also lots of titles that have not (yet) received sequels, prequels, spin-offs or remakes. Among other things: “Schindler’s List” (in the 4K remastered version), “Ferris makes blue” or “Gladiator” – although the latter is actually supposed to get a sequel Movie4k.

Series variety: from “He-Man” to “Murder is her hobby”

The offer of the reduced cult series could hardly be more diverse – because everything is included here: crime fans can look forward to “Murder is their hobby”, sci-fi enthusiasts are served with “Kampfstern Galactica” and animation -Friends get “He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe”, “Heidi” and much more for a small price.

Also: “Remington Steele” with Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, “The Naked Pistole!” (The TV predecessor to “The Naked Cannon”), “Our Little Farm”, the mystery milestone “Twin Peaks” and Stephen King’s ” The Stand ”.

New in stores: A sci-fi classic in the ultimate edition